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Bike Trip 2014 Day 6 Clinton NJ - Augusta ME

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 25, 2014 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Today was an easier day that got us to the hotel just before 5. We got to check in to the hotel and have a breather before going for supper.



We manage to find the New Jersey sign but only after an hour of zigzagging in and out of NJ for 40 minutes or so. We were trying to find a safe spot for the picture taking, not a 6 lane highway full of trucks. Finally we did find a safe spot and took the picture. It was the last state picture needed on this journey.



We ended up riding on the Merritt parkway through Connecticut which was a nice change of pace for the I-95 interstate. Very scenic and still able to roll at 55-60MPH with light to moderate traffic. Bill wanted to see if he could get a better Massachusetts sign so we did get the one on the way in to the state. Now officially our picture taking picture taking was officially done. We could ride at our leisure to somewhere in Maine for the stopover.


We decided to stop in Augusta which would leave us with an easy ride to finish our trip.



For supper we went to the 99 restaurant next to the hotel. I really enjoyed the steak and look forward to stopping in again soon.  That's it for now. Keep the rubber side down, shiny side up.

Dan and Bill

Bike Trip 2014 Day 5 Jonesville NC - Clinton NJ

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 21, 2014 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well today ended being a longer day than yesterday.  Over 14 hours, partly because I was hoping to get all the remaining signs for Bill today so that we could just not have to worry about getting signs the rest of the trip.

I am glad to be able to help Bill with this as we usually do lots of traveling and see some nice roads.  Sometimes it gets hectic because it's late in the day and we are looking for the elusive sign and we just can't find it at a safe spot to take the picture or we just can't find it at all.  Today was the day we searched for New Jersey sign until we ran out of daylight.  90 minutes of frustrating driving in a 5 mile radius in heavy truck traffic.

We decided to wait and catch it on the other side.  It will mean leaving NJ and coming back in to get it but hopefully it will be at a good safe spot for the picture.

We did manage to get Virginia and Delaware today.  Delaware and NJ are  2 other bonus signs that were initially not planned for the contest but because of our heavy high mileage days, we did have time to get these.  Speaking of mileage, I am very happy with the gas mileage on my 94 wing.  I'll have more details when i make my trip summary blog in the next week.

We skirted thunder storms again today and just got a few sprinkles, but no rain gear needed.

Well that's it for now.  More tomorrow.

Dan and Bill

Bike Trip 2014 Day 4 Manchester TN - Jonesville NC

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 19, 2014 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Well after a 13 hour day, we ran into rain during out last 10 minutes.  It cooled us off more than anything as we were skirting the low 90s all day and that was at altitudes from 1800 to 3500 ASL.

We got 9 more signs for Bill today so it was a very successful day.  We got the last county that Bill will get for this year.  We also got 3 National Forests to bring the total to a maximum 5.  All we can can now are the states and we should get 4 or 5 more by the time we get into our final day on the road.  Our total mileage so far is in the 3500KM range.

If ever you have a chance to ride the 64 in Georgia/Tennessee, don't miss it.  what a nice ride with lots of nice twisty hilly roads that are nice and smooth and safe.

Tomorrow we continue northward into Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland where we will probably stop for the night.  Our projected mileage is around 650km, so an easy day compared to the past few days.

I took quite a few drive by photos today when i could.  The scenery was better than what a picture can show.  People are also quite friendly in this neck of the woods.  Look at the picture of the half ton truck on Day 4 pictures.  Notice the rifle hanging in the back window.  Lots of guys like him in these here part of the woods y'all know.

Not much else to report other than to say that so far so good.

Dan and Bill

2014 Day 3 Columbus OH - Nashville TN

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 18, 2014 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Well this morning we had decided to start a little later in order to catch up on our sleep.  We left the hotel at around 9 and made our way to Xenia to get the X.  Bill bought a T-shirt at the harley dealer and we continued on our way.

We had warm temps all day and threatening skies so we doned our rain gear half way through but only got a few sprinkles.  We did however still  get wet from inside out because of the heat and no breathing with our rubber rain gear....sauna in a suit so to speak.

Because of dishonest people, all service stations have prepay then gas.  If you use a credit card, you pay at the pump.  I prefer to use cash so  I go in to pay and back in to get change as I never know to the penny what my bike will take for fuel.  Well at one stop we gased up, moved our bikes and went inside the restaurant.  I forgot to go get my change so I'm out around 4 bucks.....U S even.  You bet I will pay more attention the rest of the trip.  I probably won't be able to afford souvenirs now.

For the pictures today, it was a success.  We got Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee.  Tomorrow we should get Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.  We should also get 2 or 3 forest and our last 2 counties, U and I.  That's right, just you and I left.

That's about it for now.  I will calculate some mileage statistics and post them tomorrow hopefully.

Dan and Bill

2014 Day 2 Bennington VT - Columbus OH

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 18, 2014 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (1)

We got up and were on the road as planned by 7:10 and went out to try and find the Bennington county sign.  After 48km of riding the back roads and going into and out of Vermont on 5 different roads, we did not find it.  What a waste of 45 minutes.

We then his the 7 and made our way to Troy, NY where we fueled up and got breakfast.  We looked at the maps and saw that there was a B and D county in southern NY along the Pennsylvania border.  We decided to extend our trip by a few hours and head that way as we had both done the I-90 through New York countless times and it would be nice to see different scenery.

The GPS did manage to make us zig zag a bit but we did find those counties Along with Pennsylvania state sign.  So worth the trip.  Going back on course brought us through some of the nicest backroads ever.  Winding hilly roads.  Perfect on a bike.  We spent most of the day at 1000 ft above sea level and peaked at 3400 ft and a low of 500 ft.

I will do that ride again someday but on a slower pace.  We ended up at our hotel at around 10 past midnight.  A mere 7 hours behind the projected arrival so we were not able to meet up with my friend Tony.  Hopefully next time Mr Smitherman LOL.

Well bedtime for now.  We plan on sleeping in and hitting the road around 8:30 tomorrow and should make Nashville by suppertime or shortly after.  Until tomorrow.

Dan and Bill

PS  I know I am missing some details but writing these blogs after a long day is hard on the brain, what little I have of it

2014 Day 1 Moncton - Bennington VT

Posted by Dan Arsenault on August 16, 2014 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Well, I woke up to 12C and a beautiful sunrise on 3 hours of sleep after a DJ gig last night.  But I was excited as I headed down the highway to Sussex to meet up with Bill. The temp was a balmy 15C in Sussex.  We did not get any rain today but from Saint John to the border we had thick fog that hit the windshield like it was drizzle.  Once into the states the weather went as high as 22C before dropping to the mid-high teens in the NH and Vermont mountains.

Aside from that, we had an uneventful 14 hour day.  The border crossing was fast and we managed to drive some new  roads in NH and Vermont as we looked for some signs. I posted the pictures but most of the pictures are drive by photos so disregard the slight blur or angled shots.  I hope to get some better scenic shots in the days to come.  I knew today and tomorrow would be big ride days so less time for stop and go shooting

We got 3 signs today and will try to get the last one in Vermont in the am before we continue our trek westbound to Columbus Ohio tomorrow night to meet up with my friend Tony for supper.

That's it for now.  Be sure to submit your comments if you have any of sends emails, we will do our best to answer them.

Here is the link to our daily trip snapshot as captured by ;

Dan and Bill

PS  I will post a screen shot of Life360 which will show the roads we took today, but disregard the connecting lines as they don't always follow the roads

2011 Trip Summary

Posted by Dan Arsenault on June 26, 2011 at 4:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Well 2011 brought us less mileage than 2010, but more per day on average.

The summary goes like this:

16432KM (10188 miles)

2 countries

30 States

7 provinces

23 counties

26 cities or towns

5 National Forests (USA)

5 National Parks (USA and Canada)

5 Harley Plants

1 Harley Museum

So Bill is well on his way to defending his 2010 Canadian ABC's of Harley title as he still has a few more local pictures to get and he already has the same amount of points as last year. He should finish with 5 points more than 2010

Just like last year,  the 2010 Harley had another muffler issue, this time it got a temporary weld job and that held for the remainder of the trip. There were no mechanical issues with the old 1985 Wing.  Kudos to Honda for making a tough bike. A GPS failure is all I suffered this year, but that is new GPS that is less than 6 months old.

The Elite 3's on the bike held up well as last year I only got 12000KM out of the other ones, and these have well over 19000KM and counting.  We knew Bill's tires would last the trip.

We had 1 oil change only this time around, and it was in Vancouver, a mere 5 hours before the riots of the Stanley Cup.  We got out just in time.

We had 8 great days to start the trip then it turned cold and rainy for the remaining 14 days.  We had hail, snow, lots of rain, lots of thunderstorms, major flooding, traffic jams,  and driving through dangerous neighbourhoods,  The GPS does not distinguish between safe and unsafe sectors in a city so beware.

So I can say that I have driven in every state in mainland USA, and every province in Canada except Newfoundland on a bike. I have been to NFLD in a car however.

I am often asked what part of the trip I liked the best.  Well the sunny part was the best but I would love a chance to go to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the glacier highway between Jasper and Banfff in ideal weather conditions so I could really enjoy the scenery and what those areas have to offer.  But on a trip like this, it is more about the ride and getting point A to B than museum visiting, etc.  But the odd mandatory visit to Hooters is also a plus.  Our ABC planning was a little better this time around so we had most of the signs by day 17 or  so.

It is amazing the quality of roads out there compared to what we have here in this part of the country.  They are doing it right for sure.  i think that the paving contractors out there are held to higher standards than the ones we have here.  The weather in some areas is very similar to here so none of the frost heave comments please.  I think they put down more inches of pavement than we do.  Plus it looks like then put layers of road beds rather than just one here so maybe that is the difference.

Also, the planning part went a lot better this time thanks to the great maps from CAA which show counties, scenic roads, etc.  If you are planning a trip, see them for all your maps.  And you can talk to us for advice as well.

Now that we are back, we have time to ride around here and also get ready for our local events which we are either participating in or helping organize.

Thanks to all for the emails, comments, etc during our short trip this year. It was fun and the length of the trip this time around was better.

We hope that you enjoyed looking at the site as much as I enjoyed maintaining it during the trip.  I will be uploading more videos in the coming weeks as I edit them.

Dan and Bill

Day 22 Gananoque ON - Home

Posted by Dan Arsenault on June 25, 2011 at 10:27 AM Comments comments (2)


Today's early start for the push to make it home was around 6:45am and ended with my arrival in Moncton, NB at around 11:30pm, including a time zone change.

It was on again off again showers or heavy rain all day.  We would drive out of the rain only to stop for fuel and have it catch up to us again.  Then we would drive for a half hour and get out of it until we stopped 2 hours down the road for fuel.

It was fairly warm until we got close to Sherbrooke QC where the temp went from 21C to around 12C and then continued down to around 9C for our trek through New England.

We managed to get most of the needed pictures during a non-rain event which was good. Driving through Montreal was a breeze, hardly any traffic and I commented this to Bill on the CB.  We later found out that it was Saint Jean de Baptiste day so no one was working, nothing was open.

A few hours later we found all the missing the Vermont border.  It was 3 wide and at least 1/2km long.  After staying there for 10 minutes and not having moved, we decided to try and find another crossing.  A mere 2KM away was a very quiet crossing.  The guards are almost happy to see you because it is so quiet.

This crossing is in the middle of town, not a big fortress that you would expect.  But 10 minutes later we were through and on our way through some back road twisties.  A nice way to finish off a great trip. It was just very time consuming with all the small villages along the way.

Crossing into Canada was also fast.  And the trip from the border to home was made a little faster than the posted limit...but what are highways for?

So for the day, 1100KM, 15.5 hours, 2 border crossings, lots of rain and cool weather.  Glad to be home to the girls!!!

I will post the complete stats by the end of this weekend hopefully.

Dan and Bill

Day 21 Benton Harbor MI - Gananoque ON

Posted by Dan Arsenault on June 24, 2011 at 12:07 AM Comments comments (3)

Today was a late start after a delicious full breakfast at IHOP. Most of the time we have been having breakfast at the hotels we stayed at but this time we went all out. By 9 we were on the road and by 11 tonite we were off.

Today was a day of detours and delays. Getting to the bridge in Detroit proved almost impossible. The GPS was telling us one thing and the signs were telling us 2 different stories. So we missed the last turn for the bridge but saw the sign for the tunnel so off we went.

Well it seems that motorcycles are not allowed in the tunnel, I think it's because our lives are too valuable in case of a cave in. So we had to do a you turn but obviously it is not the first time this happens because the girl knew exactly where to send us.

So then it was a reroute to the bridge. There are so many streets under construction here and blocked off that the GPS could not recalculate fast enough. I would already have missed the intended turn when the instruction would come up. After riding through an area of town that I would run red lights if I got them, we finally made it to the bridge. The on ramp to the bridge is a maze in itself. So 30 minutes later, we are finally on the Canadian side at customs.

They were doing a shift change so it took an extra 10 minutes but the actual interviews went very fast.

Then it was the 401 towards Toronto. We got caught in a heavy downpour so we had to park under an overpass for around 20 minutes or so.

We stopped in Milton to see my sister and family but no one was home so we continued on into traffic jam city. At least like in Chicago, it was near the airport for a bit so I did some sky watching. We got through in roughly 1.5 hours and thank God we did not get rain at that time.

We decided to drive as far as we could tonight so that perhaps we could make it home Friday. We got caught in another downpour but this time, we did not have the luxury to stop as it was pitch black and visibility was terrible. Finally an off ramp after 30 minutes and we stopped for a snack, fuel and then off to the next exit for a hotel. Very tiring day today. But we did get Ontario.

Tomorrow, Quebec, Vermont and then hopefully home. Not many pictures today, mostly rain and a decent 2 minute video of the traffic on the 401 while we are stopped. Notice how far off the road I am compare to Bill. Oh and Chris, the videos do work, try again.

Dan and Bill

Day 20 Milwaukee WI - Benton Harbor MI

Posted by Dan Arsenault on June 22, 2011 at 11:37 PM Comments comments (2)

Before I forget, don't forget to check out some of the new videos I put up.

We got up at 6:15 this morning so we could get an early start into the city to get to the Harley Museum before rush hour. We had over 100MM of rain last night during those non stop thunderstorms. At least our clothes had dried overnight.

On the highway we went into downtown and we arrived at around 7:30 and the museum only opened at 9 so I walked around the area and took some pictures. It was much easier this way that from the side of the road like always.

Once the museum opened up we headed in and spent a few hours looking around and taking pictures. It is quite a nice spot with lots and lots to see. We paid the extra 4 bucks and got the headset so we could hear the explanation and some great stories so it is definitely worth the extra money. The only rain we got today was while we were in the museum so that was nice. We did have to suffer with our rain gear all day just in case however.

We headed over to the head office and then to the Menomonee Falls plant again for picture ops and souvenirs. From there it was on the highway for Chicago and beyond. Speaking of Chicago, it took us over 2 and a half hours to go around 25 miles or so. That started at 3PM and we got to the other side close to 6PM. Good thing the temp was only around 74F and not 95. The best part about the slow going was that we were close to the O'hare airport so there were lots of airplane traffic for me to look at.

We motored on and had a hard time finding the Illinois state sign so we left the highway and took a back road and finally found it. Then it was off to find and enter our last state....MICHIGAN. And we did. WE DID IT. We have now covered all the lower 48 states. That is more than most Americans will ever do. And it is all because of Bill's ABC contest that we started this 2 year venture.

So now we sit here in Benton Harbor, a mere 3 hours from Canada on our way back. We are planning our return to Moncton by Saturday, maybe Friday. Bill wants to go on the poker run Sunday.

So that is about it for now. The rest of the trip should be light picture wise because we have all the ones we need except for Ontario and Quebec and if we come across a Q and I county. The Queens county in NB will do for the Q and probably Inverness county in NS. That, ladies and gentlemen, will round out the ABC's of Harley for 2011. And another record year for Bill.

Dan and Bill